Final call for contributions - “Amazing Library Stories”

As an information professional, I’m sure that during your career, you have had so many interactions with patrons, colleagues or even visited other libraries and have therefore witnessed or yourselves experienced extraordinary situations in library contexts which are worthy to be described as amazing, inspirational or impressive real life-stories which you wish to share with others.
With this idea in mind, I am collecting such library stories for a new publication to be released during the course of this year.
Should you feel inspired or motivated by this idea, please be kind enough to describe your story in the form of a narrative and send it to Ibrahim Ramjaun, Senior Librarian & IFLA/OCLC Fellow ( ibrahim.ramjaun@gmail.comme ). You may wish to write one or more such stories.
A selection of the best library stories reflecting all continents will be eventually published.
Thanking you in anticipation for your valuable contribution.
Word length: Approx. 700 - 900 each.
Language(s): English or French
Format: MS Word sent as attachment
Deadline: 31 December 2016
Again, please send it to:
Ibrahim Ramjaun, Senior Librarian & IFLA/OCLC Fellow